Lake of Change - participative urban transformation in Bangalore 

For our next project  in December 2018, the "Lake of Change" in Bangalore/India, we have expanded our focus area to the lake shores. Together with landscape planners, engineers, eco-activists and cultural-creative folks from Bangalore and all over, we will work on the poor condition and situation of the urban lakes and tanks in the emergent Indian megacity.

The overall state of the environment in and around Bangalore is being threatened by economical interests and a very questionable growth. The key to change is raising environmental awareness and offering spaces for creative, sustainable and functional solutions. It is known within the enviroment sector as well as in the other sectors that arts and culture has a signicant function to play as an accelerator for this shift and change. We, the makers4humanity collective, consisting of designers, artists, ecologists, planners and all kind of other creative practitioners are going to work on this ability to reach out to people on all levels, build will and agency for change, and provide new ways of becoming aware, seeing the problem, devise and develop innovative and creative solutions. 

For this cultural-creative approach, we will build real installations on the lake shores, upgrading the water body to an area of recreation instead of a garbage dump. Within a temporary maker camp we´ll transform collected trash into a floating island and cocreate different purposes for this new, spectacular innovation space. 

We´ll have a 4-week student workshop with Shristi Institute, 
an online eco-design challenge for urban transformation, 
a Lake-of-Change conference and exhibition, 
the open, international maker-week 
and finally the collaborative Lake-of-Change festival!

Please see the program for further informations (wich will evolve and change until the very last minute...)

So, the „Lake of change“ is a cross-cultural happening and process of participatory development, spreading environmental awareness and co-creativity beyond its limits and improve the treatment of the city's water bodies.

Let´s transform the urban water bodies into creative, healthy public spaces and productive lakes with local food production, social entrepreneurships and culture, sports or leisure facilities. The potential is waiting to be discovered at "Lake of change", which may become an interdisciplinary innovation hub for participatory concepts and creative bottom-up prototypes. 

Welcome aboard! 
Joy + Bene, the makers4humanity and all partners and friends on location and worldwide.
"Open-Island" is an open-source system for modular floating islands made from recycled and renewable materials. It was developed in India and Germany by the makers4humanity collective and was used on different water bodies worldwide for different purposes. 

Download (pdf) the concept of "Lake of change". 

Lake-of-Change program:

The program consists of different activities, which are either closed partner projects, online participation opportunities or open volunteer actions, the LoC-maker week and others.

  • 19.11. - 15.12.: Within the Shristi Interim Artist Residency Program, design students will work on the different aspects of the Lake of Change project together with the German artists Benedikt Schlund and Joy Lohmann.
  • 12.11.-6.12.2018: There are many more groups and individuals with great ideas, concepts, designs and manuals for lake restoration, sustainable public furniture and floating platforms. To collect and spread their knowledge and experience, the makers4humanity launch an "open call for eco-designs" as a crowdsourcing campaign. All entries will be presented online, some within the LoC conference and hopefully, we can even publish an e-book with it. (depends on our funding)
  • 8.12.2018: At the Rangoli Metro Art Center on MG road, we have the great opportunity to invite all related groups, involved officials and interested people to the Lake-of-Change conference. (So far, we have planned key-notes, a bar-camp, discussions, interventions, glocal cooking and so on. A more specific plan will be presented asap... :-)
  • 10.-16.12.: The heart piece of the Lake-of-Change of course is the onsite LoC maker-week with volunteering participants from Bangalore, India and the world!  
    Here, the Shristi students together with specialists, activists, artists and neigbours all together with some international makers4humanity will unfold the full potential of this open and cocreative project.

      • 23.12.2018: Grande Finale, the Lake-of-Change Festival at the Lake and on the Open-Island!!! We have no budget for this very special event. But we will have a Lake of Change as our venue, with an incredible upcycled floating island as a stage, an enthusiastic interdisciplinary maker-crowd and experienced team and many new friends and partners in Bangalore... So it´s up to us and you, to make this festival so very special and great, that you´ll be so happy not having missed it... Welcome aboard and please write this unique happening into your calendar immediately!
      • 2019: The Open-Island and other installations of the Lake of Change project are made for long-term use and can remain in Bangalore. Let´s see, what can be achieved as a reliable concept, program and onsite team. Otherwise, the makers4humanity will travel through India with the modular floating island... next stop Delhi?

      More to know and how to join:

      Please also visit us on facebook, insta and youtube for further information and discussions.
      If you want to participate on location, please get in contact with us through one of these channels or via mail to:

      For the organisational co-creation of this project, we have installed an online-coworking space, where all accredited partners and volunteers find related material and can participate directly in the realisation of the Lake-of Change and its Open-Island. 

      Drop us a line :-)