makers 4 humanity

Let´s join efforts and together MAKE a bigger difference.

m4h: collective, platform, challenges for change-makers & the crowd.

"Makers for Humanity" are dedicated change-makers with different skills and backgrounds, co-working for humanitarian solutions, culture and concepts. "m4h" are an umbrella group for Makers and Shakers to cocreate a caring-sharing community.

Each m4h-partner works on his/her specific field and area to improve their local situation and that´s the best way for communal impact. The m4h collective and platform presents and networks these change makers and their best-practise samples and furthermore provides cooperative tools and media to enable and support interdisciplinary projects.

"Lake of Change", ActUp happening in Bangalore

The „Lake of Change“ is a socio-ecologic Act-Up happening on a selected waterbody in Bangalore. Initiated by the interdisciplinary makers4humanity collective, several local and international partners and people join efforts in this temporary project to encourage and stage-manage the new socio-ecological perception of urban waters through cultural and co-creative methods, designs and events. The sustainable urban transition and its individual daily actions need inspiring symbols, participatory methods and appropriate designs to emerge in large.

The Lake-of-Change program consists of five interconnected activities:
> 4-weeks students workshop with the Srishti Institute
> The Lake-of-Change conference, 8.12.2018

> The EcoDesign Challenge (An open call for ecodesigns for urban transformation)
> The open maker-week from Dec.10th to 17th
> The Lake-of-Change festival on December, 22nd/23rd

Go to the project page  EcoDesign Challenge Get in contact  

Einladung in eine kooperative Zukunft: Das m4h-Lab in Ferropolis.

makers4humanity-Lab, 2019

The German interdisciplinary Change-Makers gathering (Hier noch der alte Erklärfilm von 2018... :-)

Interdisziplinäre (Change)Maker* treffen sich Pfingsten zu einem dreitägigen ZukunftsLabor. Die Akteure des gesellschaftlichen Wandels vergleichen ihre Positionen, Ideen und Praktiken, um ein l(i)ebenswertes Zukunftsbild zu entwickeln. Arbeitsteilig kooperativ kann diese Zukunft gelingen und gemeinsam vor Ort gefeiert werden.

*makers4humanity (m4h) sind Macher*innen, die gemeinwohlorientiert an Teillösungen für ein dauerhaft gutes Leben auf dem Planeten arbeiten und ihre Lösungen teilen, um die Vision gemeinsam zu realisieren.

>>> mehr Infos zum m4h-Lab <<<

8.-10.6.2019, das Programm: 

MakerCamps zu den Ferropolis-Festivals splash! und MELT!, 30.6.-19.7.2017 > fully booked - see you there :-)

Nach dem spektakulären Erfolg unserer Recycling-Schwimminsel „Open-Island“ bei den Festivals splash + MELT in Ferropolis und der großen Teilnehmer/innen-Nachfrage an unseren MakerCamps haben wir für die Inselsaison 2017 wieder einige Frei-Tickets für makers4humanity auf beiden Festivals ausgehandelt und werden eine grandiose schwimmende Insel bauen und bespielen. Es gibt 3 Zeiträume für die Maker-Camps:  30.06.17 - 5.7.17 Open Island Basecamp  5.7.17 – 11.7.17 Open Island Camp zum Splash!  11.7.17 -19.07.17 Open Island Camp zum MELT!

1st makers4humanity Lab, 2.-5.6.2017

Change-makers of all disciplines are invited to join and use the #makers4humanity as a collective, network, label or platform to expand their impact, speed up their production and join eforts within glocal campaigns all over the planet.  This m4h-gathering is a great opportunity to meet interdisciplinar makers in June 2017.

Interdisziplinäre (Change)Maker* treffen sich Anfang Juni zu einem viertägigen m4h-Fest. Aktive Gruppen und Menschen für gesellschaftlichen Wandel kommen in konstruktiv-kreativer Atmosphäre zusammen und vergleichen ihre Positionen und Praktiken mit dem Ziel, Synergien zu ermitteln, Strategien zu vereinbaren und ggfs. eine Impact-Allianz zu schmieden. 1. Welche Ziele verbinden die anwesenden Gruppen und wie können sie sich dabei gegenseitig unterstützen?  2. Welche kooperativen Aktivitäten helfen den einzelnen Akteuren oder werden erst gemeinschaftlich möglich?  3. Wie kann ein jährliches Maker-Event in Ferropolis aussehen und wer macht mit welchen Inhalten 2018 mit?  

What, if likeminded change-makers would connect, join efforts and form a task force for the common good?

Join the crowd for collaborative action

Once we join efforts for the common good, organize the collective demand for better products and systems, share the knowledge freely and connect the existing solutions to humanitarian problems, we altogether can make a big difference for many individuals and our societies, 

Join the tribe and meet great people from all over the globe. Crowdfund your project or help others realize theirs.
Experience the power of collaborative action online or on decentral locations within meaningful projects.

Use the co-working platform and tools

Todays communication technology enables cooperative and interdisciplinar joint projects like never before. M4h is co-creating an open-source platform for change makers, that incorporates the best online tools for joint action and open knowledge distribution.

Let´s share our skills and knowledge, let´s discuss glocal problems and co-create appropriate solutions, let´s connect and organize joint action in your area and topic.

Cooperate on humanitarian challenges

There are many problems to solve and situations to improve. With targeted challenges on specific cases or scenarios, m4h asks change-makers world-wide to help collect existing and co-create new solutions for exemplary problems. Implemented, evaluated and documented with DIY-manuals, these solutions become best-practise projects to be adopted for similar environments or situations.
> Check the current challenge and help solve it 
Imagine a meaningful multiplayer-game with real impact. This is it.


Someone has to start this... Meet the early makers 4 humanity and developers of the m4h platform and community.

Joy Lohmann, Germany

Social Sculpture / Strategy / Design
> Mail for Joy

Anna Blume, Glocal

Social Capital / Community / Process
> Mail for Anna

Vinesh Iyer, India

Music / Architecture / Community 
> Mail for Vinesh

Alex Stellmach, Germany

Platform / Open-Source / Hacks
Mail for Alex

Johannes Comeau-Milke, Germany

Design Thinking / Earthships / Strategy
> Mail for Johannes

Deepak Pathania, India

Innovation / Media / Education
> Mail for Deepak

Anshul Aggarwal, Colombia/India

Engineering / Proposals / Community 
> Mail for Anshul

Saskia-Lily Thomas, Germany

Culture / Education / Strategy
Mail for Saskia

Heiner Benking, Glocal

In-betweener / go-getter / facilitator
> Mail for Heiner

Vinay Sansi, Glocal

Network / Vision / Glocal cooking
> Mail for Vinay

Cora Gutzeit, Germany

Vegan Cooking  / Team / Network
> Mail for Cora

Stephanie Ristig-Bresser, Germany

Storytelling  / The Power of Myth             
> Mail for Stephi

Udo Wierlemann, Germany/Uruguay

community coach / web-developer             
> Mail for Udo

Bobby Langer, Germany

Journalist / Networker
> Mail for Bobby

Andreas Sallam, Germany

Process designer  / IT-developer             
> Mail for Andreas

Benedikt Schlund, Germany

Landscape architect / Project developer
> Mail for Benedikt

Contact the makers-4-humanity:

To get in contact, please write a mail to  dabei(at) .

Downloads & media

Get additional information about makers 4 humanity, our goals, platform and challenges.

  • m4h - philosophy

    We support this memorandum (German) and network its members.
    Wanna join further discussions? Then join at our                                                            
    > m4h-facebook-group

  • 2nd Challenge: EcoDesigns for Lake of Change, Bangalore

    See the concept and design challenge of this project
     > Project overview pdf
     > Design Challenge pdf (follows asap)

  • makers4humanity-Lab: ChangeMaker gathering, Germany

    See the concept of this event
     > Flyer of m4h-Lab 2018.pdf
     > Concept+invitation movie

  • The 1st Challenge: Impact-Kiosk, Varanasi

    See the concept and design challenge of this project                  
    > Project overview pdf
    > Design Challenge pdf 

  • Short facts about the envisioned m4h-platform

    We look for developers, that want to help cocreate an open-source and crowd-based co-working platform for change-makers.            
    > short info pdf(German)
    > developer info pdf (German)

  • m4h - how to join

    1. check this website.
    2.  join the facebook-pageor fb-group
    3. get in contact, if you want to really help.

m4h partners

"makers 4 humanity" is a free and open network of changemakers, that has emerged through the social capital of its partners: their passion, creativity, skills, time, love and commitment for humanitarian issues.

  • Positive Nett-Works e.V.

    The German non-for-profit organization temporarily hosts the makers 4 humanity, until a self-organizing and -regulating structure is established.

  • ArtEscape Goa

    The Indian organisation organizes cultural events in Goa and has joined the m4h-projects from the very beginning.                                       
    art escape


    The artlab4-Kollektiv für Kultur und Nachhaltigkeit networks relevant players and multiplicators for m4h and supports us in project management and -coaching,

  • Impact Journey

    A global innovation network, focussing on social capital, circular economy and impact investment.
    > Impact Journey

  • Journey2Creation

    The Berlin-based innovation agency opens up learning spaces and bridges the worlds of corporate innovation and entrepreneurial maker communities.
    > Journey2Creation

  • DCrow

    The interdisciplinary DCrow workteam co-creates an open-source coworking platform for makers 4 humanity and other likeminded groups.

  • Kultur-des-Wandels

    The regional, cultural-creative collectiv in Hanover/Germany develops and shares  methods and concepts for cultural change in neighbourhoods.            

  • D´Art of Science

    Fun Science and Innovation based video content that shows DIY projects and then explains How it Works too. (Developed and hosted by Design Intervention, Goa/India)

  • Pool.communication

    The German design agency supports m4h with its services and artwork.                  

  • Material Mafia

    The experts for materials and upcycling in Berlin support m4h-projects, whenever possible.                                     

  • Bedienung - Public-Art-Machine

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