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Lake-of-Change  EcoDesign Challenge

In December 2018, the international, interdisciplinary makers4humanity collective meets up in Bangalore to create a multitude of ecodesigns for urban transformation on a lake and its shores. Through our cultural-creative approach and participative, hands-on actions, we want to inspire and network neighbours and travellers, artists and designers, professionals and officials for community-driven improvements of the socio-ecologic state of local waterbodies.

As the situation of lakes and rivers is a crucial parameter for healthy urban communities not only in India, we herewith start an open and ongoing Eco-Design Challenge on this topic. Through this crowdsourcing campaign, you can contribute your innovative concepts, best practise projects, artwork and designs, manuals or other helpful material  for the socio-ecological restoration of lakes, rivers and the shores, a new perception of urban water bodies as healthy, recreational and sociocultural centers of the city.

Lake of change, Bangalore

  • EcoDesign Challenge (Open Call), 12.11.-6.12.2018
  • Lake of Change conference, 8.12.2018
  • Maker Week, 10.-16.12.2018
  • Lake of Change festival, 23.12.2018

More infos at the Lake of Change  project page 

The EcoDesign Challenge:

  • Submit your EcoDesign to this open challenge and share it with others worldwide.
    This is a "for benefit"-challenge, "not for profit". We believe in a sharing, caring world and collect benefitial, open-source knowledge, ideas, concepts and manuals. By excluding money on this challenge (no rewards or entry fees), we create a trustful and sharing online space for all to use.
    All eligible entries will be visible on our platform, thus enriching the open repository. Selected entries  will be presented at the LoC conference and further exhibitions of the makers4humanity.
  • By "EcoDesign" we mean sustainable solutions for socio-ecological problems.
     The aim is to achieve intelligent deployment for all participants (along the value chain) with minimal environmental impact and under socially fair conditions.
  • Within the "Lake-of-Change", we predominantly focus on urban waterbodies. How to clean the water, restore the shores, upgrade the socio-ecological quality for the neighbourhood and community through creative EcoDesigns - be it installations or concepts for sustainable practices on water or land, ideas for new, productive functions of the water bodies. Art, Culture, Biology, Design, Entrepreneurship, Processes, Leisure facilities... You name it - Submit your EcoDesign.
  • One special topic of the LoC-happening is the question, what cross-cultural practices can enrich and expand the eco-social functions of Indian temple-tanks which often are open to public, surrounded by a park and are a traditional (non-commercial) meeting place for people of all age, background and interest. We´ld love to prototype some eco-designs for this case within our maker-camp in mid-December.
  • A second specific area of interest is the modular floating island system "Open-Island", which can be built easily on all inland waters in any shape and size for various functions. We´ll have one on a downtown Kalyani (temple-tank) in Bangalore and will be testing different EcoDesigns aboard. Please let us know about your ideas.
  • But if you have developed another open EcoDesign for a completely different contexs, please still upload it, as this challenge establishes an ever-growing platform and your contribution will help others to sustainably improve their livelihood or social/cultural/environmental environment on location. Thank you very much!

As we envision a world where we humans strive towards a healthy planet collectively, we are looking for your innovative designs and concepts. Let us collect and share solutions and approaches on this open source platform to test and communaly develop them. Your contributed project might help people solve their specific challenge on the other side of the world. So, thank you for your participation. 

The continuous exploitation of this planet, vast urbanization movements and a changing climate are global problems we are facing. The UN's Sustainable Development Goals specifically address these problems and are our motivation to work towards collectively. We believe in a sharing-caring community four our planet and invite you to upload your unique EcoDesign solution.
Submit your EcoDesign now.

Other ways to participate:

If you don´t have your own EcoDesign to share, you can help this challenge nevertheless: 

Join the EcoDesign Challenge

Help us assemble a practical, inspirational, adaptable, open-source repository of EcoDesigns, that help improve the situation of urban water bodies and their shores in Bangalore or any other place in the world.
Take part with your ideas, concepts, best-practises and/or manuals at our crowdsourcing platform now.

How to join (download ecodesign.pdf) Submit your EcoDesign

Makers will change the world - in fact, they always did...

Former challenges for the annual m4h-Lab and other occasions:

For the upcoming Makers4Humanity-Fest, we have defined the following thematic clusters and challenges, we want to work on.:
Für das kommende Makers4Humanity-Fest haben wir die folgenden Themenbereiche und Challenges definiert, an denen wir arbeiten wollen:

#1: Cooperative Open-Source Platform for Change Makers.

Today, we have the technical possibilities to build collaborative and decentral joint platforms for the eco-social movement, that would help immensely to network likeminded organizations and people. To start coordinated collaborative consumption on demand. To speak up with one voice if needed. To cowork across disciplines and borders on humanitarian issues or innovations. The m4h-challenge is about cocreating an open (wordpress-based) platform system with all needed features (open-source, if available). We appreciate all existing open-platforms and groups working on similar approaches and invite all programmers and users to cowork on this common challenge for mutual benefit. Please share and/or post links of suitable groups/platforms/people in the comments. Thank you!

#2: Social Sculptures + Interventions

In the Arts, we will focus on social sculptures, public installations/interventions and street art practises. All of these provide a huge potential in community participation, integral process development and - last but not least, big impact for little money :-) Our m4h-challenge in the fields of art is the „Impact-Kiosk“. For this spectacular mobile Cycle-Kiosk, we collect, invent, co-create and produce a creative range of artistic „non-products“ for cultural change. Our growing fleet of Impact-Kiosks will distribute them afterwards in various public spaces like the Brandenburger Tor Berlin, the River Ganga in India, the Dokumenta 14 in Kassel and wherever some people might copy it to raise collective impact for the good in their location. If you have an idea or creative product for the Impact-Kiosk, please let us know.

#3: Connect Change Makers for Urban Transformation

Die Folgen des globalen Klimawandels und des Raubbaus an den Lebensgrundlagen auf diesem Planeten stehen vor der Tür und es ist allerhöchste Zeit für eine Transformation unserer Lebensweisen und unserer Lebensräume, den Städten des 21. Jahrhunderts. Überall entwickeln und formieren sich immer mehr Akteure aus verschiedenen Bereichen und Ursprüngen, mit unterschiedlichen Lösungsansätzen bzw. Bausteinen für einen klima- und lebensfreundlichen Umgang mit dem Planeten, seiner Schöpfung und uns selber als Teil des Ganzen. Die Idee „makers4humanity“ ist, mit diesen Akteuren eine Impact-Allianz aufbauen, welche als Multiplikator für die Ansätze und Bausteine der einzelnen Akteure dient und diese damit über ihren ursprünglichen Raum des Wirkens hinaushebt. Als ersten Schritt erstellen wir dafür ein Mapping von Akteuren unter https://united.crowdmap.com/ um die Vielfältigkeit der Change-Maker Szene darzustellen und eine Vernetzung und einfache Kooperationen untereinander zu erleichtern. Seid Ihr ein solcher Transformations-Akteur oder kennt Ihr solche Akteure, die in der Impact-Allianz nicht fehlen sollten? Dann tragt dies auf der United.Crowdmap ein und tretet mit uns in Kontakt. Am besten vor Ort auf unserem Maker-Fest in Ferropolis. Oder online unter https://www.facebook.com/makers4humanity/ 

The consequences of climate change and the overexploitation of the natural resources of our planet are already visible and it is high time for the transformation of our lifestyles and spaces, the cities in the 21st century. More and more players for transformation emerge, with different backgrounds and from different fields, with different approaches and solutions for a climate- and life-friendly treatment of our planet, the creation and humankind as an integral part of the system. The idea of „makers4humanity“ is to form an Impact-Alliance with these actors, which serves as an multiplier for their approaches and solutions, to enlarge the impact of their efforts and spread the solutions. As a first step, we crowdmap these players at https://united.crowdmap.com/, to portray the diversity of the change-maker scene and to facilitate the networking and cooperations amongst them. Are you a change-maker group or player for transformation or do you know some, that should be part of the Impact-Alliance? Then please map yourself or them on the United.Crowdmap and get in contact with us – best on location at the Maker-Fest in Ferropolis. Or online at https://www.facebook.com/makers4humanity/

#4: Food as political practise

Glaubst Du, Dein Essen ist Deine Privatsache? Glaubst du auch, dass Dir da niemand reinreden soll? Ja? Dann glaubst Du ja auch sicher, dass es okay ist wenn ich meinen nächsten Ölwechsel direkt vor meiner Haustür mache und das Öl einfach in die Kanalisation laufen lasse? Nein? Ich auch nicht. Aber wieso verbinde ich zwei so unterschiedlich Dinge miteinander? Ganz einfach. Ich finde es auch nicht in Ordnung wenn jemand ½ Millionen l Trinkwasser im Jahr verschwendet, mitverantwortlich dafür ist, das Menschen in Afrika Fleisch essen, dass in Formaldehyd eingelegt ist, oder dass sich multiresistente Keime ausbreiten. Und Du? Essen ist Politik. Und wir wünschen uns eine Welt, die blüht und in der alle Menschen ein reiches und erfülltes Leben führen können. Um das gewährleisten zu können, brauchen wir einen Wandel in unserem Verhalten im Bezug auf Nahrungsmittel. Hast Du Ideen, wie man das umsetzen kann oder setzt Du schon etwas um? Dann teile es mit uns! 

Do you think, it's your private business, what you eat? Do you think, no one should tell you what to eat? Then probably you also think it is okay, when I do my next oil change right in front of my doorstep and let the oil run into the sewage water system? No? Me neither. But why do I mix up these totally differnt things? Very simple: I think, it is not okay, when somebody wastes ½ million liters of drinking water, when he is jointly responsible for people in africa eating meat that has been preserved by putting it in formaldehyde or for spreading multiresistent germs. And you? Food is politics. We wish to live in a world that blooms and that all people can live a rich and prosper life. To ensure this, we need a change in our attitude concerning food. Do you have a idea how to realise this or are you already working on it? Then share it with us!

#5: Invent a collaborative change-maker festival

At Ferropolis, we have the unique opportunity to start an  annual international makers-gathering with relevant partners. This years m4h-fest is meant as a discussion process amongst potential partners for a collaborative festival and eventually a first little prototype of our intended change-maker happening at Ferropolis.

#6: Money, Values, Time

There are many innovative concepts about new value systems and regional/thematic money-exchange concepts. Let´s get an overview and find out the way into a sustainable and valuable  future.

#7: Mindfulness and Trust

For this important topic, we have not yet defined a challenge, but will bring it on the table at the makers4humanity-fest to compare our experience with related concepts and practises. 

Former m4h challenge:
Co-create an "Impact-Kiosk" for the Global Goals.

Together, "makers4humanity" unite enough open knowledge and creativity, decentral experience and interdisciplinary concepts, an universal humanitarian  mindset and motivation and the technical tools to collaborate effectively on "glocal" actions. 
This Challenge is about prototyping a co-creative tool, method and concept for a decentralized campaign to reach the UN-Sustainable Development Goals. 

If this sounds appealing to you and you want to join the challenge online or on location, you are welcome to participate or interact for the common good and all participating stakeholders.. 

The m4h challenge #1:
"How to improve education, livelihood and resilience for individuals and communities in climate-change affected regions in India by providing access to ideas, tools and knowledge?!"

Together with the "Learn-for-life" school for street children in Varanasi/India we host a 10-days maker-camp from 15.-25.1.2017 to co-create a prototype for the Impact-Kiosk. It will be based on a modified rikshaw and should be equipped for modular capabilities.

For the transferable social business concept, we actually work on these o ptional entrepreneurship-components:
 - education & innovation 
- food & gastronomy 
- production & trade 
- health & wellness 
- environmental protection & peace 
- leisure activities & tourism